Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Has your faith been tested?

I believe we all are on our own path.
And that God has a plan, but for each of us it is different.
And how we intersect with each other is a part of God's plan.
I believe we all have a purpose.
And that losing our loved ones can bring us to a greater purpose.
And the sorrow, the joy, the pain and the love will lead us to that purpose.
And that God will guide us in finding our new purpose.
I believe...

This video moved me and I wanted to share it with all of you.   
Watch it and then tell me what you believe.




  1. Thanks to my sister-in-law Ellen for sharing this beautiful glimpse of God's beautiful work.

  2. I believe that it's time to believe in God's goodness...that He doesn't keep a record of my failures, weaknesses, or mistakes. I believe that His goodness is so great I can't comprehend it and I try to live life in my own strength...then quickly become weak or sick...I get discouraged and forget about His goodness. I believe it's time for me to live in God's goodness and grace and rest in His peace and love. I believe it's time for me to find a deeper level of thankfulness and believe in healing of body and soul. I believe it's time for me to wake up every morning knowing that I'm completely loved and trust in God's tender mercies to help me every second of the day. I thank my very special friend and sister-in-law for creating this blog...writing refreshes my soul. I believe it blesses the heart of God when we take the time to bless the people in our lives!

  3. Ellen---Thanks for the wonderful comment. And God's goodness and grace is all around us and within us. Sometimes we forget but by sharing and caring about others and viewing all the magic of nature we can be reminded of his greatness. Writing does refresh our souls and I hope my blog can help each of us grow and learn together. I appreciate your friendship.


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